Who am I?

I'm Ken Andries, a PHP & Laravel Developer since 2014. I enjoy improving existing code and designing new systems to replace legacy or manual system. With a focus on efficiency and maintainability. Working with clients to use existing solutions or craft tailored solutions that meet their needs.

In my personal life I'm a licensed pilot and travel. The world of aviation and open-source technologies fuel my enthusiasm and motivation.

Latest posts

September 17, 2023

Change bash prompt color on production and staging

Having to manage multiple server environments, customizing Bash prompt colors may seem like a simple cosmetic change, It can save you from accidental mistakes running commands on the wrong...


December 1, 2022

Script your server

Setting up a server or even just a new application is not something you do on a daily basis (or you may). We all done this before setup a server go through a bunch of commands, scripts and tutorials....